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In good faith I gave VR $600 last year. At that time I was told I had no choice but to enter into a repayment program that would cost me $350 a month. I make $1,000 a month currently and my rent is $650. Believing I would be receiving more money from a land sale, I entered into the agreement in good faith. However, it came to pass that I did not receive any more money and I could no longer afford to make the $350 payment.

When I called to let representatives know of the change in my financial situation (which I was instructed to do), I was told that Penny, the person who put me in this program was no longer working for you and the program I was forced to enter into was only for those who plan to return to school. Actually I believe this program is nothing more than a way for Penny and other representatives to line their pockets with commission while leaving me so little to live on it would starve a mouse. The person I talked to agreed to take me out of this program and set up a payment plan of $50.00 a month. However, VR continued to take the $350 out of my account without my permission.

I called Penny again and she told me there had been no correspondence with any other Van-Ru representative, alluding that I probably made it up, and that there was no way to get out of paying the $350 a month no matter how little I made. Again I told her I did not have the money to pay. I would wager that Penny gets paid far more than I do to threaten, coerce and harass people on a daily basis. When I told her I could not make the payments, she told me to “Grab your ankles and take it.”(a direct quote). I told her AGAIN I could not pay this amount and again told her I could pay $50 which she wanted the next day, which I didn’t have. The next day instead of drafting $50 from my account, VR drafted $350 from my account AGAIN AGAINST MY WISHES AND WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

Then Penny had the temerity to tall me you NEVER RECEIVED THE $350 YOU STOLE FROM ME AND I STILL OWED IT.

VR and everyone therein is no better than a bunch of thieves and pickpockets. I have put a block on my bank account so that they can no longer draft from it.

I have tried my best to do the right thing and pay my debts in a manner that I was able. I never lied to VR, I told them that when I had the money I would pay you and I did. I did not lie about my job or how much I made. They lied every step of the way during our interactions and continued to take money from my account after promising they would not.

For the love of God, please sell my debt to someone honorable that will not steal from the people it represents and I will be happy to begin payment once again. How can I continue to pay when they have proven that the money I give (or that is stolen from me) even reaches my account?

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I am a Van Ru employee, although I do not work with anyone named Penny. I am very sorry to hear about your situation.

Although they may seem like hollow words, I can assure you that my division is trained extensively on treating people properly and honoring our agreements. All calls are recorded. If you have an issue with how you are being treated, please ask to speak with a supervisor. Our supervisors care deeply about our clients, and how they are being treated.

I would venture to guess that this Penny person no longer works for Van Ru as this kind of behavior is not tolerated. Because all calls are recorded, you can speak directly to a supervisor and ask them to review the conversation you had with Penny. If there is any discrepancy, the supervisor will do everything in his or her power to correct the mistake. Our company goal is to help people, and certainly not to harass or otherwise anger our valued customers.

I hope this helps. Best regards.

to Anonymous #678667

To Anonymous Van Ru employee:

I and all who have dealt with your company would do well to remember you are paid to answer these complaints online and, therefore, are not to be trusted or believed. When one asks to talk to a supervisor, one is usually belittled or berated. I do believe you and your supervisors care about your "clients" but it is important to know that your clients are your shareholders and managers, not the debtors you harass. I suspect "Penny" never actually existed but is a fake name used by your untraining and unethical employee.

In short, I suspect that you, and your mythical "Penny," are doing exactly what you are trained and paid to do.

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