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I just got a letter from this company that states that they are going to garnish my wages at the rate of %15 per pay check. I have been talking to this company for 10 years and they will not work with me. I went to school to be a truck driver and can't get a job doing it because I had a gastric by pass for weight reduction. No Trucking company will hire me. My congress man, Jole Heaffly told me that the bill was forgiven.

Terry Tierney

2445 Woodside Lane #4

Colorado Springs Co



Monetary Loss: $23.

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Camden, Michigan, United States #3303

Tierney 1950 you did not state if it was a student loan, or not. If it is a student loan, you better check back w/your congressman, no forgiveness for student loans.

Now under new laws that went into effect Sept 10, 07, there is forgiveness, if you are destitute after twenty five years after the loan. Van Ru has, and according to this website, works collections for govt. Also I'm pretty sure they collected for govt. on student loans.

The statute of limitations for loans in Colorado is six years, and if it was a private loan and they said that to you they have violated the law, they can't say anything they don't intend, or eventually do, and never make a payment on a debt, past statute of lims, or near the ending of statute of lims, you will restart the six years by making a payment on it if it is a private loan.

Private loan just contact the three credit bureaus, make sure it is not on your credit report, and request it be deleted. If it is a student loan, no such thing, still a just and legal debt, and Van Ru does not have to go thru a court to lien your wages, or any assets they find, just have to get the initials on an ok from the state administrator of Federal student loans in Colorado, and a collection agency can bypass a court and enforce collection as if there was a judgement and lien assets. Whole issue is if it was a Federally insured student loan (Stafford, Perkins) the laws at that time said for forgiveness was you had to be 110% disabled. I worked for a student loan lender, and during training we asked how can you be 110% disabled?

Instructor said collecting disability and then besides, you lose an arm, or something then you might get forgiveness at 110% disabled. Get educated quick, because if it is a student loan an old saying used to be the only way to get out of a student loan was to ,,,,,,,,,,get a passport, or lose a leg. Sorry to be so blunt, but if it is a Fedrl. stu.

loan will follow you your whole life and your congressman might not know the details. E book may help www.answersfordebt.com and the National Foundation for credit counseling www.nfcc.org. Also if a student loan, subscribe to (in browser type it) higher ed watch, this is student loan lobbying organization that got all the laws changed. Again if it is a private loan Van Ru has broken the law, but if a student loan, Van Ru will follow you around,,,,,,,,,,,legally.

Remember statute of lims for Colorado, is six years for private loans, no bankruptcy, or statute of lims for student loans. Now you might get them off your back by dealing directly w/ the Dept.

of Education, rehabillitate your loan w/three payments in a row, not sure here is the phone number if a student loan 1-800-557-7392, pay them and might be able to get Van Ru out of the picture, and save the delinquent interest rate. Here is site for loan forgiveness if student loan, will need your fasfa # (pin,don't know it they will e mail it to you) www.finaid.org/loans/forgiveness.phtml Re post and let us know if this helps-hope helps all w/stu loans, knowledge is power - educate oneself re debt and laws.

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