I called my student loan company to make payment arrangements. I was directed to call VanRu to make payments.

I called and the woman I spoke with was wonderful. We worked out arrangements and I called back 2 days later to make my payment. I made 4 payments. A few weeks later I call back to tell her that my payment would be late.

There was no problem since I was trying. Then I guess she got fired. I called and was redirected to someone else that was less than helpful. I told her what was going on with my payment and she said we could make the payment on the 23.

That would give me 2 weeks. She has called me every day on my home and cell number and even tried to contact my ex-husband! Well it's now tax time and all my federal return was taken! I have made my payments on time and now I don't get my return!

I called and they were supposed to tell me my return would be taken. They didn't tell me!!!!!!!

I called and they said VanRu should have told me that my taxes would be taken. Now I have this *** woman calling me because I still owe 139.00

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I feel for you. I am en ex employee of Van Ru as a collector for Missouri Dept of Education.

It is not Van Ru's fault regarding balances remaining after you think it has been paid in full but that of MDHE. They assign files for balances of less than $200.00 and after reviewing the original balance and date of last payment they are adding interest on top of interest and that is illegal.

Camden, Michigan, United States #3316

Contact the dept of education direct and tell them the things that happened and deal w/the dept of education directly, re the loan, get van ru, and delinquent interest rate out of the picture. Make a good case, perhaps Van Ru will lose Student loans (Fed govt.) as a client.

Direct pho num for Dept of ed is 1-800-557--7392.

Don't get confused by student loan terminology they are (DOE, dept of ed) known as "direct". Good source for dealing w/collection agencies in the future and cr crd debt is E-book www.answersfordebt.com

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