I have never had a debt, have an excellent credit score and they are calling my friends, employers, telling them I owe money. That is false.

They will NOT tell me who I " supposedly " owe money to either but they want my social security number, my date of birth, my phone numbers day & night and are wanting my address from my employer and friends. If I owe a debt to someone then they should know that info already if they are indeed a legit company. They will not stop now ( per their rep ) till I give them my social security number. Not happening.

I am afraid they will sell or give out that info and then my credit will be bad. I worked too hard to have good credit and I will sue if they continue this.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #625096

They do already have all that information. It's federal law that your personal information, including who you owe the debt to, can't be disclosed to a third party, which you are until you verify.

They are following the law and you should check your credit report.

If they are indeed telling you your social it is listed as your debt. They are doing their jobs.

will not telling me why they are calling my number for a grow up realtive...harassing ME for the other relative day and night with calls of IMPORTANT BUSINESS INFORMATION THEY NEED TO SHARE...get out of dodge. i am on the federal governments' opt-out list...these people need to get real with their explanations. if you cannot tell me why you need this relative or what it is about i do nothing...have been subjected in past to scam, spam and illegal calls from haiti and jamaica i have no choice but to think you are one of them, too...
to b. edmond Dallas, Texas, United States #625097

Opt out is for solicitors and telemarketers.... They are neither.

They are actually doing what they are telling you.

Surprise!!! Life isn't ALL Jamaican scams on 20/20.

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