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This morning I was contacted on my private office line which is not answered with the company name. The man on the other side claimed that he was from a mortgage corporation and wanted to confirm employment of one of my workers.

He then spouted the name and social security number of the employee. He then faxed at my request her name and social security number.

I believe it is against federal law for them to give me this information without knowing who I am.

The man never asked my name or y company's name. I can tell you now that the request was shredded immeadiately.

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This company is full of gang bangers and drug dealers all the way from managers to the collectors discover financial requested drug test on the collector and mangers dealing with the files can you believe the managers were supplying pee kits to the collectors and themselves I have informed discover of this already so hopefully they dont lose any consumers over this agency that can careless about there clients its like a club people drinking and smoking *** in the cars in the lot I dont have a car but would be on break and you can see it going on drinks alcohol at the desk with management approval this place is not a good place to work or to have to deal with thay have so many law suits but the consumer are not aware that they have the right to sue for the reason one time they had a meeting cause debtor sent in a cease communication letter which everyday that consumer was contacted after recipt of the letter was 1000.00 GUESS HOW MANY TIMES HE WAS CONTACTED OVER 100 does he know he is intitled to 100,000 doubt since he has not collected it yet and it was a while ago


You are correct. It is a violation of the Privacy Act.

CRIMINAL penalties apply. Report it to your law enforcement agency.

If they decline to prosecute, the law allows for private citizens to sue on the government behalf and reap rewards. Of course, if it wasnt YOUR SSAN, then you will not have standing.


Still, the last 4 numbers are supposed to be used, not the entire thing. And SS numbers should be blacked out on ALL faxes not going directly to the borrower. Someone cleary broke protocol and should be disciplined.


When calling to verify SS#'s the person at the company is asked if they can confirm employment, if you say yes that means you have access to your employee's SS#'s already, meaning it's not against the law. And if a verification is requested via fax, there is a cover sheet that is sent with a legal disclaimer stating the information on the 2nd page is private and protected by the federal law.

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