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I am an employee at Van Ru Credit. I am posting this just in case people are considering working there and don't know the background of this horrible company.

I see victims interviewing at this company daily and most don't last a good month. Some have left after the first day of training. I mean if you are desperate for money and have no other resources then I guess you will have to do what you have to do. This is the most disgusting company I have ever worked for.

It is very unclean on the inside. Everyday I go thru a bottle of Germ X....The bathrooms make you want to throw up and I can't tell you about the management team who are all *** and ghetto as ***. I have heard that they all do drugs. We are last in place with other companies and I wonder why.

I am warning people...Please do not work for this company, you will cry.

I can't tell you how many fights I have encountered at this place. Maybe for a young person but for my age and with children it awful...Don't do it.

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I worked at the Des Plaines location for a year and a half! And I can Attest that this was the worst job I have ever held down in my life.

Collections is tough as it is, and they are crooks. I worked on the DOE contract. Nothing else is worth saying. Horrible job!

Horrible people, Horrible management. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible.


Let's be a little more biased. Your entire post reeks of someone who got fired.

Van Ru's WI location is none of this. I can't say anything for the other two. I've been there for a few months and have had nothing but good experiences. They have the most flexible schedule I've seen, and are extremely lax as far as missing work/being late.

Amazing benefits and pay is good. You can make a lot of money if you work hard. The management has been great, helps you a lot because you doing well means they do well. Just because you didnt last more than a few weeks doesn't mean you can bash the company as a whole.

And as far as cleanliness..

there are antibacterial sanitizers everywhere... be more of a germaphob.


Thanks for the info, this would be my last resort, or maybe not even then..Thanks Again

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