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I was called regarding my student loan and after giving some information, the processor, Mr. Hanson, at extension 6683, threatened me when I didn't want to give him my debit card information until he gave me some information.

I explained to him that I had not received any mailings regarding this loan and it is my intention to pay it back.He had me extremely upset and I was driving in my car. My mother called to verify this information and hung up on her. What kind of agency are you running when your employees threaten people. Is that really the way to resolve things.

I was so upset, I had to pull over in a gas station.

Do you really car about anything other that bullying people.

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Manville, Rhode Island, United States #23762

Well, first of all, define 'threaten'. What is that you think they did?

Secondly, your mother cannot call & talk about your debt to anyone.

Any company that would engage in a conversation, with her, about it, would be violating the FDCPA; therefore, them hanging up on her, was actually the lawful thing to do.

So what exactly is it that you are upset about?

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