I received a collection call from an account that my ex was supposed to be paying on in our divorce settlement. Realizing he would never follow through, I promptly overnighted the payment to them with a promise from them that I would recieve a zero balance letter in 30 days.

Naturally 30 days came and went, and I even let a little more time go by- no letter. I called them and requested the letter, and they said it would be sent out within 24 hours. A week went by, no letter. I called them again and they said it would be mailed out again, I waited another week, no letter.

I called them AGAIN and requested the letter be FAXED as well as mailed, he said I should have the fax by the next day. I didn't receive a fax or a letter. I called 2 days later- they said again they would fax it and mail it and if I didn't receive the fax the next day to call back. It didn't come, so I called back and the person who answered said the letter was in the mail and it was "too late" to fax it because they didn't have the account anymore.

I STILL don't have the letter and it's prob been a month. These guys are a bunch of scammers.

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Hello, I am a Van Ru employee. I am sorry to hear you had difficulty in getting your Paid or Settled letter.

Generally, the letter is not sent out automatically. A person would have to contact our agency 30 days after the account was paid or settled, and request a letter. The letter is generated by our corporate office and mailed or faxed at that time. I don't know the circumstances as to why you did not get a letter but please feel free to contact our corporate office to request a letter.

They should have no problem getting you the information you need. Our goal is to aid our customers and certainly not to misrepresent or "scam" our customers out of money.

We are a legitimate organization that cares deeply about our customers. I speak from experience when I say that, from day one, I have been trained to treat everyone with respect, dignity, and honor all commitments to our customers.

to Anonymous Fort Worth, Texas, United States #678673

To Anonymous Van Ru employee:

I and all who have dealt with your company would do well to remember you are paid to answer these complaints online and, therefore, are not to be trusted or believed. When one asks to talk to a supervisor, one is usually belittled or berated.

I do believe you and your supervisors care about your "clients" but it is important to know that your clients are your shareholders and managers, not the debtors you harass. In short, I suspect that you are doing exactly what you are trained and paid to do - PRETEND to be a professional.

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