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Today, Van Ru really pissed me off. I called them at their Arizona location only to give them a courtesy call.

Commonwealth Edison had been billing me for the past 14 months at my former apartment even though I had been evicted from it 14 months ago. Just today I received their first letter, which prompted me to give them the courtesy call. I carefully explained the situation to the lady who answered, and I told her how she could verify it very simply by looking at a website pertaining to the eviction court. She had me wait a few minutes, saying she would check it out.

Then some male, rude goober answered. He had no concern about the fact that I had not even lived there for the past 14 months and that Commonwealth Edison should have known that. He just told me I owed them the money and that I would have to work it out with them. To further aggravate the situation, they lied on the letter when they said the call would be toll free.

I just learned they charged me for trying to help them!

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