The company contacted me, is asking for my bank account information concerning a student loan. I informed them that I need a letter mailed to my home, and have not yet received either letter they claim were mailed to me.

They called my work phone repeatedly, after I told them to stop. They also told me that if I don't sign up for an automatic draft out of my bank account, they would continue to call me every day, even if I am making my payments no time every month through the mail. The CSR was extremely aggressive, rude, and kept cutting me off every time I tried to voice my concerns.

When I asked him to send me to a supervisor, he transferred me to another CSR who claimed to be the supervisor. I called back to ask why I haven't received a letter in the mail, and was informed that the guy I spoke to who told me he was a supervisor isn't even really a supervisor.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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I also was asked to give bank information for drafts. I told them no.

Because my husband makes the money and he said no. They said they would call me later this week, I said ok, you call more than one time a week, he said yes until its paid. Itold him if I get harassed about it I WILL NOT pay at all. I told them I wish Kaplen would take me to court cause I would supena the bank.

They said no we dont do that..Well apparently the money is not that important then. I WILL NOT give ANY information to them


Van Ru is horrible and terribly agressive. Their employees are just plain rude, and talk down to the person that they call.

I had one of their employees call as to speak to "JoAnn" and I said there is no JoAnn here and she wanted to know my name and I said "Joan", the girl said "JoAnn, Joan, whatever." I then hung up on her. It was also after 9PM when she called.

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