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I get asked for my information three times, they transfer me three times. I get a voicemail three times.

I hang up and call back and immediately take my frustration out on the representative that picks up and FINALLY he calms me down and gets me through to someone. Sometimes being authorative over the phone can help. I never want to be like that but this company is so unorganized. Yeah, i'm sure they have millions of people calling them back to pay off loans!!!


Why do we need to get transferred to a different office of the same company!? ***!

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Des Plaines, Illinois, United States #623537

You get asked to verify your information because it is the law that eveytime you speak to someone else it has to be confirmed by social. If they didn't verify one time you called and were transfered you could sue them for FDCPA disclosure.

They transfer you because the call system connects to an available rep if your rep is on the phone with another client.

It's also company policy to transfer to the representitive that you have been working with throughout your program because they know your situation better than the random rep that gets the inbound call... Also Van Ru gets several thousand inbound calls everyday, so yes, there are millions of people that they deal with.

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