Van Ru Credit Corporation is harrassing my father, a 93 year old man over a student loan he could not possibly be responsible for due to his age. Nor has he co-signed any student loan for anyone!

Van Ru THINKS he owes $146,613 on account number 13283979 according to a letter they sent recently. Someone has called about this account before and was told my fathers age and the fact he never had a middle name (which they said he did). They also requested that my dad give them his full Social Security number over the phone (which of course he did not).

My guess is Van Ru is using a shotgun approach to collect this debt and is contacting several Alexanders at the sametime. Well they need to cease and desist from harrassing this 93 year old Alex. By the way I am in contact with several local TV stations about this and the Better Business bureau.

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I to was contacted by an unexspected letter stating i owe 41,206.89 on education loan that i have no idea what it is about. If life was not hard enough no have to deal with someone elses debt or mistake.

Big Corporations are taking advantage of private information and getting it mixed up with other people.

On top of that giving us a bad credit report that we will never get rid off.

When will it ever end.

Bang Sue, Krung Thep, Thailand #27121

I think that revealing private information to a party that is not the correct party in a proceeding is grounds for a privacy lawsuit in the hands of the intended contact. Anyone else?

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