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dave from van ru company contacted me today , at work and on my cell, for old student loan they say i owe (25 years ago) they refuse to send me any info on it, stating they have been mailing to an old address and my relatives must be helping me run from this debt. They have been mailing to virginia, i live in south dakota, and he tells me a lot of people dont live in the state they work in!

not providing validation of debt is a violation of the fdcpa. He would not let me speak, kept talking over me and repeatedly told me that they would take my paycheck until paid off unless i agreed to give them 7,777.15 over the next 9 months.

Said if i did not agree to this today, that he would notate my account that i was refusing to pay a federal debt and let the government do as they will with me. I told him that i was not refusing to pay a debt that was rightfully due, just wanted proof they were not a scam, because i have NEVER been contacted by them before.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Ya know, they contacted me also and said they were emailing me info and I never got it. Again I asked for the info to be emailed to me and nothing.

What Liers!!! Then this guy wanted my bank account info and I told him I was not comfortable with that. He still insisted and I repeated myself on the same question. Then he said that the IRS will garnish my whole income tax.

OMG!!! Last thing I need.


If you don't know all the facts. Shut up


People like you are the reason my kids can't get student loans. Because you have chose to run from your debt the governement can't issue more student loans for education.

Clearly Wanda & Angel61 are running because it is a bill just like your rent or your internet bill.........You're complaining online so you obviously pay that every month, why not pay for the education you recieved???? Way to leach off the system


I also asked for proof and they said they do not send out statements of papers. They also try to tell me I was refusing I cut them off, LOL and told them HEY!

Im not refusing nothing and If I had a statement saying how much and what the payments were I would pay, BUT they said they dont do that. I said neither can I

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