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I was called at home 3 times asking for a person I do not know. They had my wife's SSN but not her correct name.

They called my work place asking for the same person. When I answered, the phone went "dead".

I called Van Ru Corp. After speaking to the 3rd person, I finally spoke to the "supervisor". They denied calling my work place. I was accused of lying.

They are trying to collect on an account from 1991 for a car repossessed in New York in 1995. We have never lived in New York and have never had a car repossessed.

We are having our phone number changed to an unlisted number.

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Wahiawa, Hawaii, United States #24868

I'd be inclined to talk with someone at Social Security about the company having your wife's SSN with another person's name. Perhaps they could offer some guidance on what wife could do to protect herself from any missuse of her SSN. I think I'd also get one of those free credit reports to be sure there isn't anything weird going on under wife's SSN.

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